Party Wear Casual Summer Dresses 2012 By Shamaeel Ansari | New Fancy Dresses By Shamaeel Ansari | Hot Woman Wear Dresses For Summer

Shamaeel Ansari is one of the famous name in Pakistan fashion industry. Two powerhouses meet BOOM - magic! Shamaeel Amsari's designed make the heart race faster. The Chairperson of Fashion Pakistan who held a hugely successful FPW this year shone as a designer on that platform too with her dramatic, strong designs. Shamaeel Ansari's cuts with a fluidity all her own and imagines concoctions that are timeless and have a raw energy that is a welcome relief from the inherent prettiness of Pakistani fashion. Frieha Altaf, the fashion powerhouse dons them with the girls you will also see on Veet Miss Supermodel and future shows, shoot and advertisements. Say hello to her faces of tomorrow as they wear the best in the business. Welcome to fashion girl's.

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