Rouge - Faraz Manan Resort Collection 2014-2015 | Faraz Manan Pret Summer Collection 2014-15

Faraz Manan Resort Collection 2014-2015
Few ago the owner of Crescent Brand, Faraz Manan was mentioned in his seasonal launching magazine/catalogue-14 that in a few day he is going to launched "Resort Collection". And finally the wait is over now, Recently, Faraz Manan has update its facebook-page with brand new addition of Resort Summer Collection. Faraz Manan's creative and modern looking pret dresses always appreciated in the market. Faraz Manan is expert in creating innovative and master piece pret, luxury, and bridal couture dresses. The dresses which you can seen in this collection, are designed with western touch. The famous Pakistani actress Iman Ali looking gorgeous in this Rouge - Faraz Manan Resort Summer Collection-14. Let's see.

Faraz Manan Resort Summer Collection 2014-2015

Rouge - Faraz Manan Summer Dresses

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